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Providing smart technology which takes you through each necessary step of rescue, defibrillators save lives by restoring a heartbeat until professional help arrives. The effective machines feature long battery lives and durable construction to ensure they are ready when the need arises.

Works Quickly and Easily
Defibrillators are designed to help you take quick action in a cardiac emergency, and modern varieties are easy for novices to use efficiently. Using voice prompts that guide you step by step through the rescue process, defibrillators provide everything you need to respond immediately and appropriately when someone nearby needs assistance. A training video and practice pads are included to help you learn to use the defibrillator device quickly and competently.

Remains at the Ready
Featuring a 4-year battery and daily self checks, defibrillators are ready when the need arises. A loud chirping alarm will let you know immediately if a problem is detected. The adhesive pads are able to analyze the victim's current cardiac rhythm, and will only allow a shock if a shockable heart rhythm is present. A 5-year warranty is included for added peace of mind.

Moves Between Locations Easily
Contained entirely in a small red case, the defibrillators are lightweight and easy to store. Grab the devices quickly when the need arises, confident that you have everything necessary at hand. A quick-start reference guide combines with the voice prompts to ensure that you are able to properly apply the pads and provide a shock, if advised. The voice prompts also guide you through the process of basic CPR, which can be done with disposable gloves if contamination is a concern.

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Philips® HeartStart Home Defibrillator Kit
Item : 610419 / Model : M5068A-C02
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  • Who should have a HeartStart? Anyone who wants a safer home.
  • Comes with a convenient Quick Start Reference Guide and has interactive voice prompts that guide you
  • Analyzes the patient's underlying heart rhythm to determine whether or not to advise a shock, only treats shockable heart rhythm
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