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Literature Mail Sorters

Keeping your important documents in literature and mail sorters allows you to find the right papers when you need them, saving you time and money. Use sorters to store employee mail, incoming orders, or pre-printed invoices. A variety of sizes and materials offers a solution for every company.

A Variety of Uses

Tame your paperwork chaos by adding literature and mail sorters to your reception area, mail room, or office supply room. In addition to holding mail, these compartments protect computer paper and colored papers, letting you see at a glance when you are running low on a particular item. Store invoices, contracts, and price sheets in a sorter so that you can easily prepare information packets for new clients. Place a literature display in your foyer to allow customers to access information about your company as soon as they walk in the door.

An Option for Every Budget

These literature and mail sorters are available in several sizes and configurations, providing you with many alternatives to suit your company's needs. Cost-effective tabletop sorters allow employees to organize manuals and office supplies, including letter openers and other frequently used items. Large cabinets can be used as work stations, providing a central location for all of your office's document sorting.

Sturdy Construction

Metal, wood, and fiberboard materials combine to create durable literature and mail sorters that can hold hundreds of papers without bending, keeping your supplies and communications orderly and undamaged. Choose lightweight particleboard sorters if you need to move the units regularly, or opt for heavier metal units if you are setting up a permanent sorting station.

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