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Letter & Desktop Trays

Use letter and desktop trays to keep loose papers, forms, and signature documents secure until you're ready to file them. These trays keep your workspace organized, and they come in a variety of styles. Choose from popular brands, including Staples, Safeco, and SteelMaster.

Clutter Reduction
Prevent loose sheets, incoming mail, and office fliers from cluttering your desktop with the help of durable letter and desktop trays. Available in front-loading and side-loading designs, these trays are sturdy enough to hold large stacks of sheets without caving, allowing you to keep your desktop completely clear of documents that can get easily damaged or misplaced.

Stackable, Multi-tier Styles
If you have minimal daily clutter, choose trays with a one- or two-tier design. If you have an abundance of letters, memos, applications, and pamphlets to sort through on a daily basis, select a design with five, six, or even seven tiers. Multi-tier desktop trays make it easier for you to separate and organize various documents. Stackable designs are compact, so they won't take up a lot of space on your desktop.

Multiple Sizes and Designs
Use standard-sized desktop trays to keep, magazines, leaflets, and invoices organized. Choose legal-sized desktop trays if you never want to fold or crease your important legal documents before copying, faxing, or filing them. These handy trays are also ideal for temporarily storing standard- and legal-sized manila file folders containing important documents that you need to review. Staples also carries tabletop files, open file boxes, wire desk trays, and mesh paper organizers that help keep your workspace orderly.

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