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Ensure each package leaving your facility stays protected from moisture, corrosion, mildew, and more using desiccants. Choose small, individually packaged desiccants for bottles and small boxes. Select larger bags for cargo containers and other storage spaces.

Protect Your Investment

Prevent moisture from damaging valuable product after it's packaged for delivery by adding desiccants to each shipment. Use of these products eliminates the risk of corrosion, mold, mildew, and spoilage, ensuring your inventory stays stable. These easy-to-use desiccants come in bulk packages, allowing you to keep an ample amount on hand for any situation that arises in your warehouse, shipping and receiving department, or factory floor.

Keeps Small Products Dry

Reduce the risk of moisture-sensitive materials being damaged using handy desiccants. Silica gel packets fit inside small bottles and boxes, making them perfect for use with vitamins and other dietary supplements. You can also use these small desiccants on your factory floor by placing them in storage bins to keep parts dry before inclusion in larger products.

Eliminate Moisture in Larger Areas

Use desiccants with adhesive backing in larger areas to keep damaging moisture at bay. Line the walls of your warehouse with desiccant strips, or hang large bags in cargo containers leaving your facility. This ensures your products make it to customers and clients exactly as intended, boosting confidence in your operation.

Monitor Humidity in Moist Areas

In addition to desiccants, use humidity monitors to ensure that the level of moisture doesn't rise beyond acceptable thresholds in your workspace. These monitors come in handy in areas with sensitive electronics because they change colors to let your know when potentially damaging moisture could affect your operation.

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