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Desktop Computers

Desktop computers deliver the latest advancements for fun and entertainment or quick business calculations, communication and inventory tracking. These effective tools are equally valuable in a busy office or any room in your home. Modern computers pack exceptional power in a compact form. Whether you need to surf the web, email, finish up some schoolwork, keep track of your home finances, or crunch some numbers for your business, Staples has the desktop computer for you! Search by brand, processor speed, hard drive size, memory, and more to find the option that fits your needs.

Gaming Power
Experience resolutions and on-screen graphics like never before with powerful desktop computers designed for gaming. Game-oriented systems deliver lifelike images and sounds with fast response times that keep you immersed in the action. These powerful systems can also handle rendering tasks for computer-assisted design and engineering work as well as competitive or cooperative fun.

Home and Business Packages
Desktop computers also help with home finances and planning or business operations. Home packages help with everything from budgeting and word processing to casual gaming and movie streaming, while desktop computers with business packages are designed for scanning, inventory tracking and report creation. Make the most of new desktop systems with our wide selection of computer accessories.

Refurbished Options
Budget-minded shoppers benefit from refurbished computers for gaming, home and business. A skilled team quickly evaluates computers and repairs or replaces any damaged or nonfunctioning components before offering it for sale to shoppers at a reduced price. These open-box and refurbished items pack all of the power and benefits of brand new machines with a reduced price tag.

Top Brands
Major computer manufacturers stand behind their products with excellent service and online troubleshooting assistance. Many desktop computer systems built by major manufacturers come with additional software and installed programs or extended warranties. Choose from brands including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and more.


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    Toshiba PX35t-A2210 Intel® Dual Core i3-3120M 1TB 2.5 GHz 23in. LED All-In-One Desktop
    Item 289431
    Model PX35TA2210

    Toshiba PX35t-A2210 Intel® Dual Core i3-3120M 1TB 2.5 GHz 23" LED All-In-One Desktop

    Customer Rating
    Toshiba PX35t-A2210 Intel® Dual Core i3-3120M 1TB 2.5 GHz 23" LED All-In-One Desktop
    (1  reviews)
    • 3rd gen Intel dual core i3-3120M 2.50GHz L3 3MB cache processor
    • 6GB (1 x 4GB + 1 x 2GB) DDR3 SDRAM, expandable to 16GB
    • 1TB 7200RPM SATA-300 hard drive
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1 items
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