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Desserts & Edible Gifts

Tasty Treats for Every Occasion - Bring a smile to the faces of clients and employees with these sweet treats, which are a scrumptious way to celebrate any occasion. Choose from several sizes, depending on whether the gift is for an individual or a corporate team. Decorated boxes, baskets, and tins complete the attractive package.

Communicate with Clients
Send clients a box of these treats with a note of thanks for their loyalty to your company, or ship an elaborate basket when clients refer new business. Several packaging options include a ""thank you"" note or inscription on the box. These desserts and edible gifts also are a personal way to apologize to customers if they have had an unfavorable experience.

Celebrate Birthdays, Promotions, and Great Work
Show employees that you honor their service and rejoice in their milestones. Choose a delectable cake to celebrate an employee's birthday or promotion. Treat the whole office to a selection of cookies and candies when your team lands a new account or meets a crucial deadline. Don't forget to offer a selection of beverages to go with the sweets.

Send a Get Well or Sympathy Message
Let clients and employees know you are thinking of them while they recover from a serious illness or when they suffer a loss. Heart-healthy boxes and baskets of fruit are well-balanced options, and organic delicacies add a unique touch.

Make Holiday Shopping Easy
Picking out holiday gifts takes only moments when you choose these desserts and edible gifts, which are a favorite with everyone. With an option for practically any budget, you have ample choices for employee and customer gifts.


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