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Dictionaries & Reference Books

Make dictionaries and reference books a vital part of the classroom experience. Use age-appropriate reference books from Evan-Moor and Houghton Mifflin so that students have the information they need within easy reach. Direct kids to check the class dictionary whenever new words are introduced.

Increased Fluency
Increase fluency in English or in a foreign language with dictionaries and reference books that introduce new vocabulary words and help expand a student's understanding of the target language. Keep a classroom dictionary, a thesaurus, and grammar reference books on hand to help children expand their reading and writing abilities. Pocket dictionaries make homework easier and let kids look up new words and definitions in seconds.

Age-Appropriate Learning
When they use age-appropriate dictionaries and reference books, kids don't get overwhelmed by complex words and can concentrate on common words and phrases they are likely to encounter. Phonic dictionaries and spelling dictionaries are especially useful in early childhood education settings, and they can be used in conjunction with early childhood resource books to create lesson plans. Reference books filled with synonyms and antonyms for common words help older students enhance their writing and develop a sense of nuance regarding word use.

Advanced Technology
Electronic dictionaries and reference books bring classic reference materials into the modern age. Kids who are familiar with computers feel comfortable using electronic dictionaries, and these compact devices let children carry extensive amounts of data just about anywhere. Foreign-language electronic dictionaries make it simple to look up words in multiple languages, while features such as currency converters and practice tests for standardized exams add extra functionality.

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