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Postal Scales & Meters

If you run a busy office, almost nothing beats the convenience of posting and sending mail directly from your desk. Postal scales and meters enable you to weigh letters and packages and print postage so you can get important invoices, payments and correspondence mailed daily without a time-consuming trip to the post office.

Digital postal scales give you pinpoint accuracy so you know you're printing the precise postage amount every time.

Postal Scale Weight Capacity

Before you purchase your new scale, determine what type of weight capacity you need. A shipping scale that can handle up 400 pounds or more is appropriate for light industrial applications.

Medium-capacity scales can accommodate up to 25 pounds for moderately heavy boxes. A digital scale with a limit of 5 to 10 pounds suffices for sending send bills, direct mail and contracts.

Software Compatibility

Many digital postal scales have interfaces that connect to major shippers. When you're sending your packages via FedEx, UPS or WorldShip, the scale's software communicates information directly to the shipper's software interface online.

Make adjustments through an LCD interface and get accurate rate results for the fastest or cheapest shipping services. Connect your new scale to your computer via USB to interface with shipping websites for greater convenience.

Digital Functionality

Easy-to-read LED screens provide fast readouts when you're in a hurry. Convert between traditional and metric weights depending upon your needs.

Mount detachable screens to the wall for easier viewing. Backlit screens help you see what you're doing in low-light conditions such as warehouses and remote office corners.

Tare functions allow you to subtract the weight of the shipping container, so you know the weight of the contents only.

Oversize Floor Scales

Pallet scales make it easier for staff to drop large pallets and weigh commercial orders and other oversize items. Floor scales can be mounted in a pit or left freestanding, depending on your warehouse configuration.

Thick top plates support extra-heavy loads of 5,000 pounds for industrial usage. Embedded steel-reinforced load cells withstand the demands of larger freight, with overload protections of 150 percent to safeguard the internal scale mechanics.

Approved operating temperatures of 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit allow for use in various types of temperature-controlled environments such as hot warehouses and commercial refrigeration systems.

All-in-One Solutions

When you want to weigh and print labels from a single location, desktop mailing solutions increase your productivity. Easy-to-install software converts your computer into an instant mailing station.

Weigh your packages on a compact scale that fits on your desk or conference table and print postage directly from the onboard label printer. Most software is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems, so you can start mailing from either platform.

Print both postage and mailing labels for neatness and efficiency.

Analogue Package Scales

Mechanical shipping scales are simple and rugged. A spring-loaded platform can weigh packages and containers of up to 50 pounds and needs no cords or batteries.

Materials like rust-resistant aluminum and steel are ideal for mixed-use environments. Large displays make it easy to read the weight in both US and metric units.
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