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Put an end to cold and flu season when you use disinfectants to kill the germs lingering around your home or office. Also suitable for use in professional medical offices, disinfectants come in easy-to-use wipes and liquid cleansers. Use the products on nearly any surface to kill germs on contact.

Convenient Sizing
Disinfectants come in convenient sizes that make the products perfect for using in a range of different situations and locations. Keep disinfectants in a desk drawer at your office, in a cabinet at home, or tucked away with other cleaning supplies in a hospital or doctor's office.

Easy to Use
Choose disinfectants that you can quickly and easily use to kill germs. Disinfecting wipes come in large containers with a snap on lid that keeps the wipes moist and prevents the wipes from drying out. Rub the wipes over nearly any type of surface to quickly eliminate germs left behind by others.

Select the right disinfectants for use around your home or office. Choose alcohol-free cleaning wipes to use on surfaces that you and others touch throughout the day, and opt for cleansers to clean spills on floors and walls. Use spill kits to wipe away blood and other toxins that might make others sick.

Kill Germs
Kill up to 99.9% of all germs that you encounter throughout the day with disinfectants. Use disinfecting sprays to eliminate germs hanging in the air after someone coughs or sneezes, and use bleach wipes to remove germs clinging to the walls and floors to prevent the spread of colds and viruses between workers or patients.

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