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Disposable Cutlery

Take the pain out of meal cleanup with disposable cutlery. Whether you're serving a casual family picnic or a large event, they can make the process run more smoothly. Choose from a range of high-quality cutlery from brands such as Berkeley Square, Brighton Professional, and Dixie.

Sturdy Construction
Disposable cutlery is made from materials that are sturdy but lightweight, making storage and transportation a breeze. Choose standard plastic utensils in medium or light weights for casual meals. For a formal or professional event, opt for sturdy heavyweight cutlery that performs to the same standard as metal utensils. You'll also find task-specific cutlery such as cake cutters and tongs.

Stylish Designs
Disposable utensils come in a wide range of styles and finishes, so you can select the one that best suits the tone of your event. Choose utensils with decorative handles to add a special touch to a formal dinner or a simple, classic design for a family meal. Match your cutlery to your disposable plates and cups for a coordinated look.

Easy Cleanup
Don't worry about finding time to wash stacks of metal utensils — simply toss your disposable cutlery into the trash for a quick and easy cleanup. Each piece is designed specifically for single use. Keep your environmental footprint in hand by selecting compostable cutlery, which you can bring to a commercial composting facility for safe and sustainable disposal.

Convenient Sizes
Stock your supply cabinet quickly with convenient pack sizes. For commercial or business use, choose large boxes that contain 1,000 or more units of a single utensil. At home or for occasional use, select smaller packs that include all necessary utensils for a meal.

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