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Disposable food containers let you serve your customers the food they want in a container that's just the right size. Choose foil containers for Chinese or Indian food; select big tubs for wings or salad. You can also find small portion containers for food samples so that you can drive interest.

Deliver Food With Ease
Hot food needs an appropriate box, and you can choose foil, paper, or polystyrene boxes in a variety of sizes. Paper food trays act as bases for fries, hotdogs, and burgers, whereas boxes can contain Thai or Indian food. Sauce-heavy foods are better suited for foil, as they won't leave grease over your customers' laps, but wings may be better in lidded polystyrene.

Keep Food Hot
Caterers also need to keep food hot for a long time, so they use chafers. They may use gel fuels to keep the flame under the chafer alight. These fuels can be methanol or ethanol based, or they can use liquid paraffin.

Cold Foods Stay Cold
Insulated containers also keep cold foods, such as ice cream and cheesecake, cold. You can protect your foods from heat with insulated paper containers and polystyrene containers to prevent them from melting. Plastic cups are also useful as they can contain liquids like smoothies and milkshakes, but paper cups offer a slightly more environmentally friendly option.

Use Disposable Pans
Forget the pain of washing up after each batch; disposable pans ensure you can simply cook each item in its own pan so that you don't have to waste time on cleanup. In addition, you don't have to decant each item into its own container.

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Buffet Enhancements Open Sneeze Guard for Medium or Large Chocolate Fountain
Item : WYF078275421958 / Model : 1BACFSG14
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  • Material: 304 Food grade stainless steel and clear acrylic
  • Encloses one-third of the chocolate fountain for easy, sanitary self-serve access
  • Fits medium and large fountains
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Safco ® Impromptu ® 2 Door Refreshment Cart, 1 Shelf, 36 1/2"(H) x 34"(W) x 21 1/4"(D), Silver/Gray
Item : 806154 / Model : 8966GR
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  • Color: Gray/silver
  • 200 lbs. capacity
  • Powder coated steel frame, translucent polycarbonate side panels