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Erasers & Correction

Eliminate mistakes on printed and written documents with these erasers and correction products. Each one corrects typos or smudges efficiently, so you don't need to reprint or recreate your document. Whether you need to correct one document or hundreds, you'll find the perfect correction solution.

Multiple Styles
These erasers and correction products come in a range of styles and sizes, from classic pencil-top erasers to compact correction pens. Create clean lines and crisp edges with correction tape dispensers, or tackle mistakes with rounded edges using correction fluid. With products from brands such as BIC, Dixon Ticonderoga, and Paper Mate, you'll find the perfect product for your business.

High Coverage
Each of these erasers and correction products is designed to provide excellent coverage, so no traces of the prior image or lettering show through. Most correction fluids are white, so they blend in on standard printing paper and allow you to send documents through a copier or scanner without being detected. Choose erasers to eliminate pencil marks completely.

Maximum Control
Don't risk erasing or covering important text, as each of these products is designed to give you maximum control. Dispense even lines of correction tape using a contoured dispenser that enables a firm grip. For ultra-detailed correction, opt for a fluid pen with a pinpoint applicator. Choose an eraser with narrow edges that enable easy elimination of fine lines and small details.

Safe Erasing
Many erasers are made from soft polymer that removes pencil marks gently from paper without tearing or ripping. Choose non-toxic products for use in classrooms. For high-volume use, select erasers that are contoured to enable a firm, long-lasting grip without causing muscle cramps or soreness.

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