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Gauges / Gages

Include these gauges and gages in your tool kit to measure everything from pressure to drill bits. These pieces feature surfaces that are easy to read at a glance, so you can stay accurate even during busy times on, hectic work days, and many are compact enough to take up little storage space.

Gas Pressure
These gauges can be attached to containers that hold gas to give you an instant reading on the pressure within the container. This keeps you safe from containers that may become overly pressured and ensures you can keep the workspace safe. Pressure dials come in a variety of sizes to fit different containers.

Sets of blade gauges make it easy to determine the thickness of an unknown item, such as a hole or small piece of material. These items typically come in packs that fan out to provide access for a single size but take up little space when folded flat. Often, these are made of durable materials, such as stainless steel, that can withstand regular use.

Drill Bit Sizes
This variety of gauge lets you measure holes or drill bits with ease. Keep this type of gauge if the labels on your bits have worn off, or get an accurate reading for the size of nails or bolts that you come across during your work. The simple sheet designs are easy to tuck away on a shelf or in a drawer.

Multiple Measurement Systems
Many of these gauges and gages feature multiple measurement systems, such as metric and imperial units. This lets you easily convert measurements between systems without keeping multiple sets of tools on hand.

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