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Drafting & Specialty Tables

Staples provides a wide range of drawing & drafting tables for specialty applications. A drafting table or desk provides a larger angled work surface, which is ideal for design and art applications as well as technical drawing. Utility drafting tables have wear resistant surfaces mounted on stable and sturdy bases. Height adjustable drafting & drawing tables adapt to the project at hand and allow you to execute the task at hand but also feel comfortable and professional while you accomplish it.

For a comprehensive selection of large and small drawing and draftingtables, there's no better place than Staples. A key element to creating afabulous craft space, art room or work space is choosing a table top thatoffers ample space for a wide variety of projects. Choose a drafting anddrawing desk for artists, professionals or students to give them exactlywhat they need to get the job done. Staples has something for every budget tomatch any application, including activity tables and specialtytables.

Multiple Applications

Staples carries a wide variety of desk solutions suited to many types ofprojects and applications, from large and small drawing and draftingtables to activity tables. Decide on the primary use of the desk,from a surface ideal for crafts, sewing or art projects to a practicalworkstation or utility table for an industrial application, to ensureyou make the right purchase. Whether looking for a drafting and drawing deskfor artists or are outfitting an office for a firm of architects, you'llfind the right solution at Staples.

Ergonomically Adjustable Styles
Large and small drawing and drafting tables that are fully adjustablecab minimize back strain throughout long workdays. Choose from a variety ofadjustable styles that easily go from flat to up to 50 degrees and bases thathave up to six adjustment settings. Match a table top with a variable base forsuperior ergonomic comfort and healthy posture. An extensive selection ofstyles are readily available to facilitate standing, sitting or kneelingworking positions. Opt for angled or angle-adjustable drafting and drawingdesk for artists, architects, designers and other creative amateurs andprofessionals to provide comfort and support, eliminate glare from ambientlight, reduce back strain and improve accuracy.

Quality Designs
Desks and workstations are frequently incorporated into everyday design both athome and in professional settings. Staples offers large and small drawingand drafting tables in a selection of finishes, colors and materials tosuit any existing decor. Choose from materials such as chrome, glass, laminate,melamine, steel and wood when shopping for corner, flower, horseshoe, oval,rectangular and round-shaped drafting tables. Get creative with Staples'extensive assortment of quality designs, with solutions available for everybudget.

Spacious Options

Staples understands that consumers look for sufficient workspace when selectinglarge and small drawing and drafting tables. Choose from an array ofsizes of drafting and drawing desks for artists, which able toaccommodate one or multiple people simultaneously with ample space to create amasterpiece. Some models, such as multi-level activity tables, providespace for more complex projects as well as storage room for tools and suppliesand places to attach lights and magnifiers. Staples has the right solution toprovide spacious options for everyone, no matter where inspiration finds them.

Whatever your need is, Staples has the drawing table you need, and we also have all types of other tables, like banquet & folding tables, or the perfect rectangular or round conference table for your office.
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