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Convenient facial tissue provides a healthier alternative to sniffling and sneezing into sleeves or hands. Busy offices can benefit from keeping tissues in stock to prevent the spread of cold and flu germs. Large package sizes ensure you'll always have tissues when you need them.

Great Brands
Facial tissue from top brands such as Puffs and Kleenex delivers the quality you've come to expect. Choose slim-line or square boxes to best suit your office layout and decor.

Quick Cleanup
Because tissues such as Kleenex can simply be thrown away after use, they won't linger on desks or other surfaces where germs can easily spread. Getting a new tissue is as easy as pulling the next one from the box.

Bulk Packaging
Buying in bulk helps you keep tissues on hand for employees at all times. For even more protection from germs in the office, stock up on hand sanitizer for workstations, restrooms, and break areas as well.
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