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Dusters & Dust Pans

Dust collects just about everywhere, and it's a common source of respiratory issues. That's why it helps to have a few tools to assist with cleanup. Dusters have the strength and versatility to clean homes and offices, and Staples has plenty of options to choose from.

Handheld Dusters to Clean Surfaces
Some handheld cleaners have feathers on their heads. Not only do feathers weigh very little, they also protect surfaces while they work. Their soft edges efficiently collect dust, and they're a traditional choice for everyday cleaning. Feathers also shake off dust between uses for renewed performance. Some of these cleaners have retractable heads for simple storage; this protects the feathers and ensures they're clear of excess dust before the next use. Of course, there are other types of dusting tools as well. Many dusters have microfiber heads that slide across smooth surfaces to collect dust from the corners of desks and shelves. Swiffer kits include handles and replaceable heads that attract dust as they move. It's easy to connect fresh heads onto these cleaning tools to ensure effective performance with every task, and the cleaners have water-resistant plastic handles that stand up to cleaning solutions. Dusters also help prevent allergies in office premises. Regular dusting minimizes the amount of dust in the air, so everyone on the team can breathe comfortably while they work.

Longer Reaches for Floors and Ceilings
Some dust cleaner handles extend to reach floors and ceilings. These long-handled cleaning tools offer the same resilience against cleaning solutions as those with short handles, and some include multi-purpose heads for wet and dry situations. These versatile heads allow their handlers to sweep, mop and dust with a single device. As with surface brushes, the cleaners have microfiber or brush heads that quickly collect dust. Broom and brush-style heads rely on rugged plastic bristles to effectively operate, and they resist mildew. Their durability makes these sweepers especially useful for the collection of dirt, sand and spills. Those with microfiber heads clean dusty surfaces and areas with small amounts of moisture.

Dust Pans for Collection and Disposal
While dust brooms and brushes gather surface dirt into small piles, it helps to have a tray to move debris from the floor into the trash. Dust pans rely on durable bodies to simplify this process. Because these tools withstand exposure to wet and dry materials, they're an important addition to every cleaning closet. Many of these devices have lipped edges that trap dirt inside the deepest part of the container, preventing spills and allowing for larger quantities of dust to fit inside without slipping out. Dust pans with upright handles take this collection step even further: they flip into an upright position and trap collected dust at the base of the bin. This serves as an especially helpful feature for those who need to clean large areas between trips to the trash bin.

Whether you use them as part of the daily cleaning routine or as a special effort before an office move, dusters and dust pans play a major role in cleanup. Some have tough bristles to clean floors, and others have soft heads to protect delicate surfaces. Find the tools you need to tackle dusty surfaces at Staples.
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