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Dusters & Dust Pans

Prevent a buildup of dust or grime with these dusters and dustpans. From feather dusters to heavy-duty dustpans, you'll be able to find the right accessory to clean those tough-to-reach spots. Essential to any supply closet, these cleaning supplies are small enough to fit nicely in your office or workplace without taking up too much room.

Work in a Dust-Free Environment
Dusters and dustpans are made to keep your workspace clean. Whether you choose a dusting cloth or some dusting gloves, a quick once-over will help cut down on allergies and general grime around the office.

Refills Available
Keep those dusters and dustpans fresh and ready for work with the many refill options available. Packages from UNISAN or Swiffer offer refill kits that'll ensure your supply closet stays prepared for the inevitable dust bunny attack.

Dustpan and Brush Packages
Companies such as OXO Good Grips offer a dustpan and brush package, so you can wipe up that dust and toss it in your trashcan. Many of these devices have firm rubber handles that'll give you a solid grip on the dustpan while you clean.
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