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Paper Trimmers

With printed documents and images, every detail matters. After taking the time to use high-quality ink and paper for your documents, use a paper trimmer to make all types of documents look even more professional.

Compare different types of trimmers with Staples listings.

Guillotine and Rotary Paper Trimmers Suit Different Tasks

Two main trimmer options are well-suited to home and business use. Guillotine trimmers have long blades fastened to a swinging arm.

After lining up the paper on the cutting board, users press the blade down and slice through the paper. These trimmers often trim multiple pages at once.

The other option is a rotary trimmer, which produces even, bur-free edges. The round blade is mounted under a grip and slides along a preset track. Users drag the handle across the board after putting paper in place.

Typically, rotary cutters are meant to cut single sheets of thicker paper. Some professional rotary trimmer models can handle multiple pages at once.

Ensure Straight, Clean Cuts with Cutting Guides

Lining up pages accurately is the key to evenly cut paper. Many paper trimmers have built-in guides to make this step easier.

Cutting guides are ruled and often have vertical and horizontal lines to ensure a perfect trim.

Paper Trimmers That Have Durable Blades To Cut Quickly and Evenly

Blades must be sharp and resilient to stand up to daily paper cutting, especially when they're used to cut multiple pages at once. Both guillotine and rotary trimmers generally have stainless steel blades.

Self-sharpening blades are a standard feature among paper cutters. This feature minimizes the amount of maintenance you have to do.

Safety Features Protect Users

Most paper trimmers include various safety features. Styles with rubber feet keep the trimmer in place, preventing slips.

Rotary and guillotine models feature either plastic or rubber safety grips that keep your hand steady while cutting. With a paper holder, users can keep documents in place without keeping their hands close to the blade.

How Many Sheets can a Paper Trimmer cut at Once?

Each model has a recommended page limit. Small ones for home use often cut 10 or fewer pages simultaneously.

Professional trimmers are capable of trimming between 11 and 30 pages at one time. A heavy duty paper trimmer can often cut more.

Can Users cut Large Pieces of Paper with Paper Trimmers?

The size of the cutting board determines what size of paper you can cut. Space-efficient models often have cutting boards of 12 inches, while larger stationary options have cutting boards as large as 30 inches across.

Which Paper Trimmers are Ideal for Different Types of Paper?

Both rotary and guillotine cutters work very well with standard 20-pound to 24-pound paper. Rotary cutters tend to cut cleanly through thicker paper, like card stock or poster board.

Those who frequently cut multiple pages at once benefit from the versatility of guillotine trimmers.

Paper cutters save time on common office tasks and have more consistent results than tools that rely on cutting by hand. Whether you need a cutter for craft projects or work documents, compare Staples listings to find one suitable for your needs.
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