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Ear Drops & Eye Drops

Ear drops and eye drops provide relief from the discomfort of dry eyes or wax buildup. Choose from a variety of trusted brands, including Artificial Tears, Natural Tears, and TheraTears, so you can make sure your eye drop selection works with all of your employees. There are also contact-safe and latex-free options.

Relieve Dry Eyes
Whether dry eyes are the result of office conditions, allergies, or contact lens irritation, lubricating eyedrops bring relief to your workers, combatting discomfort. You can choose a from a variety of sizes, from 15ml bottles to individual, single-use droppers that are preservative free.

Stop Ear Wax Buildup
Ear wax buildup can be uncomfortable for employees and decrease efficiency if they have to ask customers or clients to repeat themselves. Our OTC drops contain 6.5 percent carbam-peroxide to loosen and dissolve wax quickly and comfortably.

Gels, Liquids, and Ointments
Ear drop and eye drops are available in gel, liquid, an ointment drop form. This gives you the freedom to pick the best formula for your workers or keep a variety in your office first-aid kit, ensuring you have a remedy for every situation.
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