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Early Childhood Resource Books

Early Child Resource Books- Spark a Child's ImaginationTeaching kids to read, write, and count is fun but challenging. This selection of early childhood resource books and tools will help bring out a child's creativity while also educating them. From basic shapes and colors to improving hand-eye coordination, learning has never been more engaging.Playful and Colorful BooksChoose from a wide assortment of books and tools that entertain children while teaching them new skills. The books feature familiar things, such as playful puppies and kittens, so children can relate what they already know while they explore new concepts. Hands-on activities allow children to learn through experience and help them grasp new concepts. Games to Help Them LearnChildren love to play games, so why not teach them helpful skills and other useful information while also having fun in the process? Many games help improve memory capabilities by asking kids to remember information such as where to find two matching pieces. Different mazes and puzzles can also be used to educate children on basic math principles.Books to Build Coordination and Organizational SkillsYou can help a child build good hand-eye coordination skills with these early childhood resource books and tools. As young children practice using scissors, tracing shapes, and stringing pegs, they develop their fine-motor skills. Dot-to-dot books and a variety of coloring books help children understand the concept of following directions. Older children can benefit from resource books that help them build the skills they need for school. These books teach children how to complete their homework with ease and become better organized, which are essential skills for children in their intermediate schooling years.


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    GRYPHON Read! Move! Learn! Active Stories Resource Book
    Item 842160
    Model GR-13497

    GRYPHON Read! Move! Learn! Active Stories Resource Book

    Customer Rating
    GRYPHON Read! Move! Learn! Active Stories Resource Book
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    • Age group and grade: Ages 3 - 6 and grades pre school - 1st
    • Subject: Reading
    • Usage ideas: Energize your classroom with lively literacy lessons enhance literacy skills, bring the magic of a good book to the classroom and encourage active, healthy lifestyles in young children with read,move,learn
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1 items
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