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Ear Protection

Prevent loud, continuous sounds from damaging your hearing using ear protection. Whether you use earphones or earplugs, these products effectively reduce environmental noise while also providing all-day comfort. They're ideal for use in high-noise industries, such as construction and manufacturing.

Superior Performance
Ear muffs fit completely over the ears to provide total protection from noise and environmental hazards, such as dirt and dust. Select a heavy-duty model that can block out up to 150 dB of sound for use in areas with extreme amounts of background noise or a lightweight model that silences annoying airplane sounds while you're traveling. The wide head bands and soft ear cushions incorporated into these ear protection accessories ensure a comfortable fit over extended periods of time.

Unobtrusive Protection
For low-profile protection against excessive noise, choose ear plugs that fit inside the ear canal. This type of ear protection fits snugly to seal out low to moderate levels of sounds without the added bulk of muffs. Select a corded design to minimize the hassle of removal and reduce the risk of losing the plugs, or purchase a dispenser filled with uncorded plugs for use by workers in high-noise areas.

Mobile Designs
Ear protection accessories can be quickly tucked away in tool boxes, suitcases, or pockets for easy transport. Some models of ear muffs feature clips that secure them to hard hats and other head gear, making them an ideal solution when ear protection is only needed in certain areas. Choose ear plugs that come with their own travel case to protect them from dirt or damage.


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