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Easel Pads

With easel pads, you can easily jot down information in a way that's visible to a whole room. Use lined pads for information; use unlined pads for graphs, charts, and other quick drawings. Self-adhesive pads allow you to stick individual sheets to walls, bulletin boards, or other flat surfaces so that they're always available for reference.

Great for Meetings
As an important part of your overall office supplies, easel pads allow you to share an agenda, make important notes, and share information in a highly visible way during meetings by setting up an easel pad or chart paper. Use a thick dark-colored marker that people will be able to see even in the back of the room.

Self-Adhesive Pages
Self-adhesive easel pads are a great way to ensure that important data is always easy to locate. Write down the critical details, remove the page, and stick it to an unobstructed wall so that anyone can quickly refer back to it any time. When the information is no longer needed, just peel the page off the wall„it won't leave behind any residue.

Tabletop and Easel-Ready Designs
Use an easel paper with an easel, or select one with an easel built in. Tabletop pads make excellent choices for traveling since you won't need to pack a standalone easel, and they fold flat for space-saving storage when they're not in use. Simply select the size that works best for your needs.

Multiple Paper Choices
You can find easel pads from top brands including Post-it, Sustainable Earth, and Wizard Wall in assorted sizes both with and without lines. Use lined paper to write more neatly organized information; unlined paper is ideal for brainstorming sessions or free hand drawings. These easel pads feature white paper that ensures easy readability for writing in nearly any color.
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