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Elastic Bandages

Keep elastic bandages on hand for injuries in the workplace, school or home. Choose reusable bandages with simple hook-and-loop fasteners for easy application and readjustment without metal clips. Opt for a muslin triangular sling secured with safety pins when stabilizing an injured arm.

Works Time and Time Again
Choose elastic bandages made of a polyester and cotton blend when you only need low compression around an injured limb, and fasten them with quick hook-and-loop fasteners for speedy treatment. If you prefer the old-school approach, choose a bandage that clips in place with secure metal clips that never come loose when protecting a sprained or strained ankle, knee or wrist. Sterile and non-sterile versions are available, depending on your needs, and some reusable bandages can be machine-washed without losing their elasticity or ability to close securely.

Stabilizes Injuries
Muslin triangular sling bandages are ideal for stabilizing an injured shoulder or elbow before seeking further emergency care. Use a large sling to relieve pressure on wounds, and secure it safely with safety pins. Roll muslin bandages into long strips to bandage a head injury or to use as a tourniquet when needed.

Tears for the Best Fit
Choose a tearable elastic bandage to wrap hard-to-access injuries. These bandages are designed to let you tear off exactly the length you need, and the absorbent, lightweight material is latex-free to ease the minds of those with potentially dangerous allergies. Pair these bandages with a comprehensive assortment of Band-Aids and adhesive bandages in your office, home or classroom first aid kit to be fully prepared for sprains, cuts and other injuries.

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