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Phone Stands

phone stand is an accessory that can help to free up precious space and keep desk items more organized. As desk space often comes at a premium for many office workers with Computers, notebooks, paperwork and other materials all competing for tabletop real estate, a stand for the phone is a useful item. 

Phone Stands Help Save Space 

Using a stand to raise office phones off the desk allows for papers and other items to be placed securely below. Determining how much space needs to be saved, what items will be placed underneath, and how much desk space there is to work with will aid in choosing the right desk phone stand.

Also consider the size and shape of the product and the intended desk layout. Larger and taller stands allow for more and larger items to be placed underneath, but they may interfere with other items on or around the desk.

Phone Stands Help Your Office Stay Organized

Most stands include various compartments and containers to further help keep desks organized and free of clutter. Keeping a writing utensil and paper next to the phone is a must for many office workers. Many stands include that in their design; a place for pens or pencils and a place for sticky notes or a notebook.

Additionally, some stands offer storage for paper clips and other small office supplies. Some even include a drawer underneath the stand to keep these smaller items that frequently clutter office desk space even more out of sight and out of the way. Considering where the largest clutter problems on the desk are will help make clear which stand may work better.

Ergonomic Phone Stands

Another advantage of and an important factor to consider in a phone stand is how they increase desk ergonomics. Many office phones sit flat on a desk and at such an angle that it makes reading caller-ID or seeing the buttons on the phone difficult without adjusting positions.

Many stands not only lift the phone off the desk but also angle them forward, helping to improve the view of the phone from any seated position. Not all stands angle the same amount, so if the view of the phone is an important feature, be sure to consider this in the decision-making process.

Other Features to Consider When Buying A New Phone Stand

Consistency of design and aesthetic appeal throughout a desk space is something that some people enjoy having. Desk phone stands come in a variety of materials and finishes to help achieve this consistency. They are available plastic, steel mesh, simulated leather and even various wood finishes.

Construction material is also important to consider when taking into account the size of the phone to be placed on top. Heavier phones will benefit from more sturdy materials like the steel mesh or wood while lighter phones can be placed on any stand.

The size of the phone will also make a difference when determining the size of the stand. Compare the phone size to the dimensions of the stand to ensure that it will fit on top properly.

Cell Phone Holder

For those without a traditional office phone, options exist as well for elevating and angling cell phones. These stands can also offer similar organizational and space saving features of their larger counterparts while still keeping mobile phones in a convenient location.
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