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Electrical Tools, Meters & Fish Tape

Electrical tools, fish tape, and meters make your electrical work easier and safer. With tape, you can cover exposed ends. Meters let you measure voltage so you know what precautions to take. With a variety of kits available, you can choose the best meters and tools for your job.

Easy Carrying
Use a tool box to keep your electrical tools, fish tape, and meters in one place. Boxes come in different sizes for the unique kits you want to have on hand.

Brands You Trust
When you work on electrical items, you want to make sure your tools are right. With brands like Slug-Buster, Greenlee, and others, you'll know you have professional tools that stand up to your hard work.

Helpful Kits
Kits include many items that you're likely to use on the job. Each kit differs, so you can match it to your project.
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