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Electronic Stamps

Get Enhanced Functionality with Electronic Stamps: Shopping for electronic stamps just got easy with Staples. The models found here can be used for extended periods of time and exceed basic functionality. The DYMO model comes with several stamping features, a calendar and an alarm clock. Your information will be visible across a slick display.

You can use them to date-and-time- stamp all your important documents and also display one of seven different messages in four-or-six number codes. You can prevent unauthorized personnel from using them by entering a security code.

The benefits of electronic stamps are numerous. With just one fluid motion, you can stamp all your most important documents with the code of your choice, and upon seeing the code, you can intuitively identify work that has been completed. Bonus: you can streamline and organize your events and meetings with the calendar.

You can stock up on electronic stamp replacement ink rolls as well. The Sanford DateMark™ model is competitively priced, lightweight, and easy to operate and replace. Just pop one of the five rolls included with this model into your electronic stamper and you’re ready to get right back to business.

Also available are three-part Internet postage labels from DYMO with one roll of 150 labels. You can print from your favorite online site (e.g. to your compatible printer (see full list in product detail). The stamp has space for both sender and receiver addresses, as well as an area for your postage stamp.


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