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Electronic Reference

Select from a large array of electronic language reference materials. Choices from top brands include speaking dictionaries, spelling correctors, and translators, all with user-friendly features. A variety of available options help anyone communicate in English, Spanish, or other languages.

User-Friendly Designs
Many of these electronic references are speaking models, and some of these speak in a recorded human voice to provide the most accurate pronunciation possible. Some devices come with phonetic spelling correctors, making it easier for you to find what you're looking for when you spell a word the way it sounds. Certain models feature rechargeable batteries and headphone jacks for listening in quiet or public places.

Stronger Communication
With dictionaries offering hundreds of thousands of definitions, synonyms, and antonyms and translators capable of converting English words to over 10 different languages, these devices help you improve your communication skills in English, Spanish, and other languages. Translation references are especially helpful for recreational travel, business trips, or studying abroad; most offer thousands of common conversational phrases and travelers' phrases for easy communication with native speakers.

Exciting Extras for Everyone
Some electronic reference devices come with a number of fun bonus features to further boost your language skills. The speaking dictionaries are loaded with additional punctuation, style, and grammar guides to help you fully comprehend the grammatical rules of the language. Some devices are also equipped with SAT preparation materials for students, and younger users can enjoy language-themed games and exercises, such as Hangman, Tetris with letters, and interactive quizzes. When you pair these electronic devices with any number of regular reference books, the educational opportunities become even more expansive.

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