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HR & Medical Forms

HR forms simplify a wide selection of HR tracking tasks. Use the forms to calculate hours for pay and benefits or track employee performance. Many forms have additional security features that help protect sensitive information from prying eyes.

Standardized Forms
The use of standardized forms in your office ensures that HR can easily compare information across tens or hundreds of employees. This allows for quick aggregation and dissemination of important business information, making it easy to pull just the information you need. Standardized forms also make it easier for new employees to make requests of HR.

Government and industry regulations require strict compliance from HR professionals. Standardized forms help ensure that each company meets these requirements and make it easy for HR professionals to answer requests from industry leaders or governmental bodies regarding HR situations. For documents that can help ensure compliance with tax laws, check out preprinted tax forms.

Track Important Events
Companies often track the careers of individuals on many levels, and standardized HR forms are a great way to document promotions, salary increases, role changes, and many other important events in the careers of employees. Documenting successes as well as failures or errors can help HR and managers determine if an employee is a good fit for a new position. Standardized forms help ensure that the correct information is documented each time.

Protect Sensitive Data
HR forms often include security features that prevent outsiders or those without access from viewing their contents. These include envelopes that prevent users from reading their contents or documents that resist scanning and photography. The use of HR documents with these forms can help prevent sensitive data from leaking to unauthorized viewers.

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