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Envelopes are simply essential for all households and offices, regardless of personal details or preferences. Whether you are mailing invoices or personal letters, be sure you always have a sized envelope or two (or more!) on hand for any office or home need. Staples has the widest high quality selection available and the best prices as well. Choose from a selection of gummed, self-sealing, strip removal, clasped closure and custom envelopes, as well as a wide assortment of additional varieties.

Buy all envelope sizes for business and personal use at Staples. Choose  from the best envelopes for sale, including business envelopes,  clasp and catalog envelopes, specialty, packing list and coin envelopes. Securely send and store a wide variety of documents and items with Staples'  extensive range of envelopes. From traditional uses to specific storage and  mailing needs, there is an envelope that fits every need.

Padded for Protection
Padded sleeves are the best envelopes for sale for fragile and delicate  items. These envelopes feature heavily padded or bubble-wrapped  interiors for extra protection. Choose padded envelopes with durable  exterior construction and heavy-duty closures to maximize protection. Add  "fragile" labels to the exterior or choose models with the word "fragile" preprinted across them to alert the postal workers to the delicate nature of the contents.

Tinted for Safe Delivery
Business envelopes often feature security windows, special interior tints or other special features to offer additional security when sending sensitive documents and letters to businesses and customers. Buy all envelope sizes with security windows and tinting to mail a variety of prints, paperwork and time-sensitive projects to clients, colleagues and others safely and securely.

Convenient Closure
There are a variety of closures used on envelopes, including gum closures, clasps, self-seal, button and string, hook and moistened glue. Look at the best envelopes for sale to easily find one that fits any task. Self-sealing and gum business envelope closures are quick to seal for fast mailing, while hook-and-button and string mechanisms make it easy to pass documents around the office. Look to buy all envelope sizes with the closure type that fits your specific needs.

Versatile Specialty Envelopes
From sleeves small enough to fit party invitations and letters to ones large enough to hold magazines, official documents, CDs and DVDs, it's easy to buy all envelope sizes for any specialty need. To ensure documents remain flat during mailing, opt for full-board or board-back specialty envelopes. Corrugated card envelopes feature reinforced edges and a durable, rigid construction. There are plenty of other options within the specialty envelope range, including pay-slip envelopes, wallet-style and internal mail envelopes complete with printed signature or address boxes.

Easy Organization
Products such as coin envelopes make it simple to store and deliver important keys, nuts, bolts, screws and other like items. Design and distribute informational CDs and DVDs with CD envelopes, available in a variety of fun and professional colors. Created from sturdy paper, CD envelopes are the best envelopes for sale for storing and mailing CDs, and many provide space for labels for easy future reference.

Safely Delivered Packing Lists
Convenient packing list envelopes are among the most-requested business envelopes. Use them to ensure clients know what is in their package before opening the box or envelope. Many are made from waterproof materials designed to protect the documents inside from damage. Adhesive backing makes them easy to securely attach to packages ensuring they are delivered with the papers or items.

You will find popular names including Quality Park, Ampad, Tyvek and Staples’ own brand in an assortment of colors and front window styles. There are also a variety of envelope sizes, styles and materials available including, padded, security tinted, single-window, double-window, as well as 4x6 and 5x7 sizes. Explore our assortment and save time and money selecting the ideal fit for your needs from our best-in-class selection. If you need to mail something that's slightly too large for an envelope, check out our padded bubble mailers and shipping boxes, and don't forget the bubble wrap and packing peanuts!


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