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Epson Perfection V600 Photo - flatbed scanner

Epson Perfection V600 Photo - flatbed scanner

Item: IM1BH3920    Model: B11B198011

Epson Perfection V600 Photo - flatbed scanner
( 261 reviews)
  • Interface Type: USB 2.0
  • Max Supported Document Size: 8.5 in x 11.7 in
  • Input Type: Color
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Interface Type: USB 2.0Max Supported Document Size: 8.5 in x 11.7 inInput Type: ColorEachEpson® B11B198011 Flatbed Photo Scanner, 4.6"(H) x 11"(W) x 19.1"(D)Interface Type: USB 2.0Max Supported Document Size: 8.5 in x 11.7 inInput Type: ColorEpson Perfection V600 Photo - flatbed scanner209.89USD$std$$std$$thb$$thb$$std$$thb$$std$$thb$$std$$thb$

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by PowerReviews
Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner

(based on 261 reviews)

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Most Helpful Positive Review


personal review of epson v600 photo scanner

Hello, Only had the scanner for a couple of weeks so still checking out all features and working of it.. however... Overall I found the v600 a excellent scanner, specifics......Read complete review

Hello, Only had the scanner for a couple of weeks so still checking out all features and working of it.. however... Overall I found the v600 a excellent scanner, specifics... the good--- 1. no problems what came in the box 2. installation was smooth no problems with my win7 64 bit system ... 3. scanning of slides and negatives was overall good there was slide issue but talk about that further down .. automatic frame detection work fine but a issue... in some cases.. 4. scanning pictures no problems and quality is good .. automatic image detection work fine 5. fast very satisfied with scanning speed... even on hi dpi setings... 6. the abbyy ocr program that came with it appears to work fine.... no problems working with the main epson program.. 7. epson scanning software looks good although i had to look around a little bit to figure how to called things up.. i guess i should have read the manual.. the poor-- 1. the only paper you get is the installation sheet which is very simple but sufficient.. but... if you have a problem installing.. have the epson number standing by... note: you only get access to the manual once the software is installed... 2. there still appear to have a frame detecting issue (v300 and v500 same issue) . there 2 type of 35 mm film , 135 film and 126 35 mm film... the difference lies in the frame size...!! 126 is a smaller frame size and the automatic frame detection setup for 135mm.. end result with with 126 negatives you may end up creeping basically parts of 2 images in the same frame, you 'll have to go back manually adjust the frame outline... epson teck may or may not know about this issue..oh this is a common issue with all film scanners that i am aware of... 3. thought the integration of the abbyy ocr with the epson software was a little clunky ... think it could be more seemless..... but overall satisfactory... still looking at the other features of the epson but i would recommend this product to my friends.


Most Helpful Negative Review


Good scanner but quite poor software

I bought this scanner to digitize a set of b/w glass negatives of the beginning of the XXc. The scanner itself seems quite fine--I have no real reference, but any pixel...Read complete review

I bought this scanner to digitize a set of b/w glass negatives of the beginning of the XXc. The scanner itself seems quite fine--I have no real reference, but any pixel peeping I have done did not find anything wrong in the results. Scan time is rather on the long side, but bearable (a couple of minutes for half a 9cm x 12cm glass negative at 1200dpi--I need to do it in two rounds and use Photoshop to stick them together, as the whole negative exceeds the backlit size, but this goes perfectly fine). What I found pretty disappointing is the software. Notice that I am using the EPSON Scan application to produce 16-bit TIFFs and do all processing manually in Photoshop (that is, I do not use any of the fancy options to "improve" the image). Here are a few annoying things: (1) I scan repeatedly in the same area (backlit, cannot use the provided placement guides due to the size of the originals) and EVERY TIME I do a preview (more later on why I need a preview every time) I need in fact to do two, one of the complete backlit area and one of the (unchanged) zoom. Why it does not honour my preselected area from one preview to the next one is obscure to me. (2) The preview does not indicate burned or black areas, as any decent software does (CameraRAW is perfect for that). (3) The levels/histogram control has the usual little triangles to control... one would guess the white and the black points. In fact, no, they control light and shadows, with one extremely annoying consequence: you cannot just place them at the edge of the histogram and therefore hope to capture the whole range used by the photo; you have to place them "somewhere" and judge visually if you are clipping either edge of the spectrum (see point 2). Just to give the reader an idea of the weirdness of this, the default/reset position of the cursors is not 0 and 100%/255 but something like 50 and 225 (I cannot remember the exact numbers now as the scanner is not connected, but you see the point) and this is probably supposed to be the setting which gives a linear (?) rendering of the whole scanner range (they call it "reset"...). (4) The automatic exposure is just plain bad: probably to please the crowds it has high contrast (nothing too wrong here) and clips white and blacks badly. Not even close to be usable--hence I need to do two previews (see point 1) and judge visually the best placement of the edges of the levels (and it is tough, see points 2 and 3). In summary, I am happy of my purchase because I manage to do what I bought it for and with the quality I desire. Yet, achieving what I want is rather painful and certainly takes much more time and effort than it should if the user interface had been slightly more competently written.

Reviewed by 261 customers

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Update Review for Epson Perfection V600

By John in NH

from Hampton Beach, NH

This customer has reached Intern level on the Leaderboard

Comments about Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner:


So I guess it pays to read the manuals.....the scanner kept freezing on me.
I got pretty frustrated rebooting laptop and scanner that I packed it up and
initiated a return form. That process takes a few days I found out.
In the meantime I figured things out.
My laptop has 3 USB ports on the right side. 2 are 3.0 and 1 is 2.0. My
wireless mouse can only run in the 2.0 so I plugged the scanner into one of
the 3's. I found out the scanner USB is 2.0. I also found out my laptop has
an auxiliary port (2.0) on the left side so I put the mouse through that and
then put the scanner into the 2.0 on the right. Problem solved. I scanned
over 200 color transparencies in the past 2 days without any problems.
Quality is excellent. I imported a few into the Photoshop Elements 11 to
fix them up and everything worked great.
Scanning slides is a little tedious at 4 at a time. You have to place them
the correct way or they'll scan backwards but you can "flip" them with the
Photoshop program. Also, place them in a vertical position in the slots.
I tried to time 4 of them from start to finish and it always averaged about
5 minutes more or less at 300 dpi.
So just don't mix up your USB ports and do stupid stuff like I did and this
unit will take care of all your photos. I'm very happy with it.

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Perfection V600 Photo Scanner

By John in NH

from Hampton Beach, NH

This customer has reached Intern level on the Leaderboard

Comments about Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner:

I did a ton of research on line before I bought this scanner. It seemed to be what I wanted most and had the fewest negative reviews. I have a ton of old B&W prints and a large amount of color slides to scan so for the price I
figured this was worth a try. The cheapest price on line was a place in NY for $189 plus shipping but Staples was next with $209 and free shipping.
And besides, if anything's wrong with the unit, it goes right back to the nearest store with no hassle.
Anyway, I ordered it on a Friday and received it the following Tuesday in
great shape via UPS. I immediately opened it up and set it up. That took all of 5 minutes. The Epson DVD installed without a problem in 3 minutes.
I have a Dell 17 inch Inspiron laptop running Windows 7. You have to install the Epson software first before any hookups. I didn't install the
Photoshop Elements until later but that went in without a problem as well.
So you connect the scanner to your computer via USB port. Plug power cords in and be careful, the on/off switch for the scanner is hidden on the right side and down low but you switch on the scanner from there and you're ready to go. I grabbed a b/w print and put it on the glass and hit the
scan button (one of 4 buttons on the front of the unit) and immediately the
Epson Scan interface loaded on my monitor. There were some options to
choose from like destination folders, scan options, etc but I left them alone for the moment and let it go full auto mode. I was scanning a small print about 3x4 inches and it took about 24 seconds. Results were excellent.
I did 2 more prints and then the scanner hung up on me. The scanning light on the front stayed lit but the error light did not come on so that was
puzzling. I shut the unit off and then on and got nothing. The user manual
is on the Epson DVD and it puts a shortcut to your desktop so I went into
that and followed the suggestions. I checked Device Manager and it said the unit was working properly. I then shut down my laptop and scanner and
rebooted. Everything came back normal and I was back in business. I scanned ten more prints without a hitch before calling it a night.
That strange hang up has me worried a little bit but at least I know how to
get around it. It could be something going on with the laptop because the
same thing happened to me with my wireless printer.
Anyway, I'm going to experiment with some slides during this month and
will probably update this review then but don't be afraid to purchase this unit as it appears to be doing everything it claims to do.

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Best purchase ever!

By amj991

from Troy, NY

Comments about Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner:

First, I bought this quite a while ago... and it's still not obsolete! There might be technical cons for the pros, but as a non-techie I found it to be incredibly easy to install and use. I am making a project of scanning all my older photos/family pics. I plan to copy them to flash drives for my kids. (Fortunately I can scan however many I can fit within the frame. I've been sticking with 4 (3x5).) Also, my dad died 25 years ago when my daughter was 4 years old. This was of course before digital cameras so I don't have very many pictures. I put a negative I had of a picture of him with my daughter on the scanner. Not only did I get a beautiful picture of them together, but there was another pic on the strip that I didn't realize was there. I would have paid ANY price for these two pictures. Instead all I had to buy was this very reasonably priced scanner. I would recommend this scanner to anyone.

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(2 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner

By professor

from Greenwood, MS 38930

Comments about Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner:

For years I have used your Epson perfection 2450 Photo Scanner. It is a superior product (as well as your Epson Stylus Photo 870 Printer). I just bought your V600 Photo Scanner. It makes terrible copies! The definition is terrible! It is very inefficient to work through your menus to increase the dpi and make better copies. Your software is worse than the Smart Panel offered with your old scanner. You have gone backwords!!! I want my money back! I will return your new scanner. I will spend my money getting my old scanner fixed!!!

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v600 Photo scanner

By RonM

from Nicholasville, KY

Comments about Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner:

Great scanner bad film holders. The software is OK but I have not tried anything very complicated with it. The film holders are nearly useless. The 35mm are hard to load if there is any curl in the negatives. Sanning a single 35mm photo negative is impossible. It would be great if they added something to match the 35mm sprocket holes. The other negative holder fits only one negative dimension. It is for 2 1/4 wide negatives. It just barely holds the negative. There is nothing for 126 film negatives. It would be nice if they would provide a holder with a variable width function. I have not tried the slide functions. I purchased the scanner to print some old photos that have been lost. I will be only able to capture 25% of them. I would return the scanner if it were possible

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