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Erasers & Correction

Say goodbye to printing mishaps and mistakes when you have a cool eraser in your hand. Staples sells a large inventory of office supplies, including erasers that are meant for pencil and ink errors. Place a pencil-top eraser on your favorite writing utensil for quick correcting. Some products are capable of erasing typos and smudges so users don't have to reprint documents. It doesn't matter if you have one mistake or many; Staples provides the correction accessories for any circumstance.

Numerous Styles

The days of boring erasers are over as Staples offers an assortment of styles to choose from such as stick, novelty, cap, block and assorted varieties. Find cool eraser brands like BIC, Helix, Dixon, Pentel, Paper Mate and Tombow. Everything from traditional pencil top erasers to compact correction pens are available. Correction tape dispensers let users create seamless lines over mistakes with tapered edges to preserve the professional quality of any document. Correction fluid is also available and manufactured by trusted vendors such as Liquid Paper.

Dependable Coverage

Every eraser and correction accessory that Staples carries is designed to provide users with a high level of error coverage. Even the stylish cool erasers enable you to fully cover up or buff away mistakes. Users can be certain that no traces of images, markings or words that are not supposed to be seen will remain visible. Commonly, almost all brands of correction fluid are white and blend in well with standard copy or printer paper. This allows users to rescan or print documents without the presence of correction fluid being detected. To extinguish less than perfect pencil markings, opt for a pencil top eraser or a large handheld model.

Evenly Balanced

Staples erasers allow users to have complete control when correcting mistakes. When using correcting fluid pens, tape dispensers or brushes, the contoured grip of the product prevents overcorrection, smudging or covering the wrong content. Cool erasers like the fluid pen are ideal for intricate correction and come equipped with a pinpoint applicator. For seamless results, choose a pencil top eraser with narrow edges that encourages removal of all fine markings.

Safety First

Staples understands the importance of utilizing safe products, which is why a number of erasers in the lineup are made with soft polymer that gently eliminates pencil markings without ripping documents. Latex-free erasers lower the incidence of allergic reactions. If the eraser products are needed for the classroom, a daycare center or use around children, opt for non-toxic items such as Staples Correction Tape. When regularly utilizing correction tools, choose cool erasers that are designed to support a stable, firm and long-lasting grip. By doing this, users can prevent soreness in the hands and fingers or muscle cramps that can be caused by poorly designed erasers.
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