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Surgical Gloves

Wear surgical gloves whenever you need to maintain a sterile work space and prevent cross-contamination. These gloves also help you keep a grip on small tools-even under wet conditions. All surgical gloves are sealed to ensure sterility.

Classic Latex
Classic latex surgical gloves are easy to use and disposable, so you can grab a new pair whenever you need to get to work. Choose from white or colored gloves, or designate specific colors to specific members of your team.

Latex-Free Options
Gloves made of neoprene or other latex-free materials let you enjoy the same level of protection as latex gloves without worrying about allergic reactions. These gloves fit snugly for safety.

Powder Alternatives
Choose powdered gloves for added comfort, or opt for powder-free gloves. Pair your gloves with a surgical mask to further maintain the sterility of your environment.
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