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Glucose Meter Solution

Shop glucose meter solution options that give you confidence that the results delivered by your blood glucose meter are accurate. Use glucose meter solution to regularly check the accuracy of your meter and strips.

Check Meter Accuracy
Glucose meter solution contains a controlled amount of glucose and can be used to ensure that the meter is working correctly. A drop of the solution is placed on a testing strip and tested the same way blood is normally tested; the results of the test are compared to the range on the solution’s packaging. If results are out of range, the meter or the test strips may have a problem and need to be checked.

Ensure Treatment Goals are Met
Use glucose meter solution to ensure your blood glucose meter is working properly so you can reach your treatment goals and keep your blood sugar under control with confidence. Incorporating checks for meter accuracy into your blood-testing regimen gives you the peace of mind that the readings of your meter are an accurate reflection of your blood glucose level, so you can keep your levels in check more easily.

Easy Testing
Reach for glucose meter solution for easy testing at regular intervals and whenever you open a new container of testing strips. Check the accuracy of the meter whenever you get unusual or unexpected readings from a blood sample, and ensure that your meter is still working properly after it is dropped or mishandled. Solution bottles are designed to fit right in the case with your glucose meter, so you can keep it handy and take it with you wherever you go.

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