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Dry-Erase Accessories

Whiteboards are integral to classrooms and offices, where the boards list homework or upcoming project deadlines. Remove stubborn stains with economical dry-erase accessories that are easy to use every day. Regularly cleaning the boards ensures your notes are clear for everyone to read.

Easy Erasing
Stock your classroom or conference room with a variety of erasers so that you can easily clean the board and leave it ready to use the next day. Reusable and refillable erasers are a budget-conscious option, and disposable erasers and wipes give you a fresh, cleaner each time. Ergonomic erasers are comfortable to use, relieving stress on your hands and wrists when you clean a large section. Erasers with precision points save time and effort by allowing you to eliminate an incorrect number or letter without wiping out the rest of your work.

Deep Cleaning
Dry-erase boards occasionally need a deep cleaning with a liquid cleaner to remove stubborn marks that obscure your notes. Liquid cleaners are nontoxic and available in several sizes. Small spray-on bottles let you target the cleaning fluid to a confined area, and large bottles are an economical option for offices or classrooms that have multiple boards.

Great for the Classroom
Boost the confidence of your students by using dry-erase accessories that allow children to easily wipe out mistakes. Students learn clear handwriting skills with sheets that include dotted lines to guide young writers. Use multicolored markers to color-coordinate different subjects and homework deadlines so students can easily determine when assignments are due. Small whiteboards allow students to practice math problems at their desks without wasting paper.
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