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Extractors & Sets

Screw and bolt extractors and sets of extractors are just what you need to ensure a simple broken or impacted screw doesn't throw a monkey wrench into your entire job. Whether you're in the building field or just like having a set of equipment on your premises for maintenance, you'll find extractors and sets of extractors very useful.

Easy to Use
All you need is a drill to use most extractors and sets that include a variety of sizes of extractors. Some models, such as those from Proto, can be used with a hand or power hammer.

Tough and Efficient
Screw and bolt extractors and sets are made from durable metal that grips broken fasteners and grabs onto them so you can easily extract them by reversing your drill or pulling on the extractor. Hanson offers spiral-fluted and multiple-splined extractors for extra grab power.

The Right Extractors
Choose screw extractors and sets for removing screws and similar fasteners or select different sizes of bolt or pipe extractors to remove broken bolts or embedded pipes. A new reversible drill helps you get the best results from your extractors.
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