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Eye Wash & Contact Lens Cleaner

Eye wash and lens cleaners allow you to ensure continued safety in your working environment. Eye wash quickly rinses away hazardous materials or small pieces of debris. Lens cleaners help ensure that your protective eyewear does not cloud and remains clear over time.

Easy Application
These versatile tools come in wipe and wash forms. Eye washes often include a cup that further simplifies application. Lens cleaner wipes make it easy to remove dirt and debris or chemicals from safety equipment.

Enhanced Longevity
Lens cleaners help ensure that you can clearly see through safety glasses and goggles. For long-lasting eye protection tools, use scratch-resistant safety goggles made of high-quality polycarbonate materials.

Emergency Use
Eye wash can provide quick relief for those exposed to harsh chemicals or particulate matter. This first aid can help workers recover quickly when incidents occur.
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