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Face Protection

Many work environments pose the risk of poor air quality with a shortage of oxygen, harmful dust, various gasses, smoke and fog, and other substances that are unhealthy to inhale.  Whether you are grinding, sanding, drilling, welding, or mixing solvents, Staples has top brands like 3M, MSA, Sperian, North Safety, and Moldex to meet your needs.
  • Filter unwanted pollutants.  Protect workers in oxygen compromised environments and avoid inhaling unwanted pollutants like airborne particulates, fumes, vapors, and gases.
  • Adjustable and comfortable.  We have a large variety of heavy duty and simple face masks and respirators that are adjustable for comfort and convenience.
  • Protect your lungs and eyes.  Choose from a large variety of respirators like disposable, full facepiece, half facepiece, particulate, and gas and vapor.


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