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Face Shields & Visors

Face shields and visors keep hot or caustic materials away from your eyes as you work. Full-face varieties also protect the nose and mouth. These durable shields can help prevent injuries in the workplace and are often required by regulatory agencies.

Protects Against Hazards
Face shields protect against hot pieces of welding material or potentially harmful chemicals coming into contact with your skin or eyes. This level of protection is essential for many manufacturing or construction jobs.

Provides Secure Fit
Many visors and shields come with adjustable straps that ensure a snug fit. The right fit helps prevent contaminants from coming anywhere near sensitive areas and allows for greater and safer mobility. Some shields even come with additional room for masks and respirators, helping to prevent accidental inhalation of dust particles or dangerous fumes during regular operation.

Easily View Work
Modern face shields and visors have heavy-duty polycarbonate lenses that let workers easily see the work at hand without exposing their eyes to potential harm. The ability to clearly see throughout the construction or welding process helps reduce errors and further enhances safety during operation. Some shields and visors feature additional protection against the harsh light produced in many common tasks.

Quickly Swap Pieces
Advanced face shields and eye protection often have modular designs that let workers swap between multiple configurations. This helps ensure that each worker has the best set of tools for the task at hand. Modular designs also make it easy to change out damaged or loose components for fully functional replacement parts if shields or visors become worn during regular use.

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