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Duct Tape

Taking action in emergency situations is simple with duct tape on hand. Achieve fast and secure weatherproofing that's resistant to water by using utility tape to refasten siding, gutters, and other outdoor accessories. Use it inside your home for repairs, including plumbing to heating and cooling. Electrical tape can be used to insulate electrical wires and other materials. 

Durable and Dependable
Choose durable, dependable duct tape for secure adhesion both indoors and out. Standard-grade duct tapes are strong enough to handle basic household repairs and to serve as a stop-gap solution until a repairman can arrive. Utility-grade tapes feature high tensile strength, making them tough enough to handle professional situations with ease, and tapes with extra adhesive are made to stay put in even tough conditions. Double sided tape is another great alternative if you need to get two surfaces to stick together. 

Various Colors
Select from a wide array of duct tape colors and textures, so you can seamlessly customize the look of your repairs, or hide them from even detail-oriented eyes using transparent utility tape. Fashion colors and styles allow you to make a bold personal statement, integrating the tape into your art designs, class projects, or fun and funky fix-ups. Standard black and metallic gray work well for areas where concealment isn't an issue, such as plumbing or heating and cooling work.

Trusted Brands
Choose trusted duct tape brands such as Staples and Scotch tape to ensure quality repairs or installations. Select multi-packs from 3M in a wide array of colors and styles to easily stock your supply closet. Discover high-quality options from Gorilla that have double thick adhesive, ensuring it stays right where you put it for extended periods of time. Find classic Duck brand tapes lined with bubble wrap to provide added protection when packing delicate items for shipping to clients or customers.

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