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Duct Tape

Whether you're a plumber, a construction worker or a homeowner doing repairs around the house, duct tape has a place in every tool cabinet. This tape is manufactured in a variety of compositions and strengths and is appropriate for any task that requires flexible, extremely sticky tape. It's impressive strength, durability and weather resistance makes duct tape ideal whenever there is a need for a serious and reliable adhesive.

Which Variety Suits Your Needs?
Gaffer's tape is a variety of this tape that is particularly useful for tasks around the home, as it is designed for clean removal and won't leave a residue behind. Choose this variety when securing cables to carpet, concrete or wood, whether you're working indoors or outdoors. Vinyl tape is not nearly as strong as other types, but offers a versatile range of uses, including bundling, sealing, holding and wrapping cords, and it easily conforms to irregular surfaces.

For a tougher adhesive, consider woven cloth duct tape, which is available in industrial strength for serious construction tasks or economy strength for everyday weatherproofing and duct repairs. Cloth varieties are resistant to tearing and extremely durable, making them suitable for many purposes. Construction workers, contractors and others should choose heavy-duty duct tape. Some of these tapes offer a tensile strength of 44 pounds per inch of width, while medium-grade options offer around 26 pounds of tensile strength.

Choose Special Features that Fit the Job
If standard duct tape doesn't meet the needs of your project, consider a specialized duct tape. Heat-resistant varieties are essential for sealing hot materials such as heating ducts and ventilation ports, as heat will cause standard tape to fail. Though many types incorporate reflective silver coating, light reflection isn't appropriate in some situations. In these cases, choose a matte finish tape or a transparent duct tape to keep the adhesive low key. Some finishes, such as vinyl, are resistant to abrasions, making them good choices for protective purposes.

How Much Duct Tape Do You Need?
If you're planning on completing a simple ductwork task or a handful of small jobs, a roll of tape that is 3 to 10 yards in length may fit the bill. However, if you're preparing to remodel a house or stock up on plumbing supplies, large rolls up to 60 yards in length may be more fitting. The width of tape also varies considerably, from about 0.5 inches to 5 inches. Stock up with packs as small as two rolls or as large as 12 rolls.

Color Code Your Maintenance Work and Craft Projects
Duct tape doesn't just come in silver these days. Choose from a wide range of color options and designs. These include red, yellow, orange, white, green, transparent, multicolor and blue, among many others. Colorful duct tape is ideal for color-coding purposes, allowing you to organize cords or supplies. Patterned and colored tape is also useful for crafting or just making a statement. Choose from multiple unique patterns, such as stars, leopard prints and abstract designs.
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