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Feeding Pumps & Sets

Patients in a care setting who require enteral feeding deserve quality equipment that emphasize patient safety and comfort. Choose from a selection of sterile feeding pumps and sets, depending on differential patient need. Products are available from brands such as Medline and Kangaroo.

Easy to Use for Caregivers
The simple design of many pumps and sets make them suitable for use by staff members of varying medical abilities. Most of the feeding sets come with easy-to-read graduated markings, which allow caregivers to see the amount of fluid ingested by the patient at a quick glance. Keeping track of ingestion is made even simpler by the gravity feeding set, which includes an exit port to allow for complete drainage of the bag, allowing caregivers assurance that the patient has ingested the full dosage of nutrients.

Patient Safety and Comfort
Gravity feeding sets come with strong, resilient ring connections to ensure a safe and stable administration of the product, while some of the feeding pumps come with compatible spike sets and Y-adaptors, which ensure the feeding tube does not need to be disconnected from the patient to administer medication or to flush out with water with compatible syringes. This reduces the overall potential for poor connections, which could have consequences for the health of the patient, and reduces the number of procedures a patient must undergo in the course of their treatment, thereby making the process less stressful and more comfortable.

Choose feeding pumps and sets that are designed to be latex-free. This ensures that the products are suitable for use on patients with latex allergies.

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