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Media Cases & Wallets

Safely store your CDs or DVDs in media cases and wallets to prevent breakage and scratches. Cases and sleeves help you label and categorize burned media for easy identification. Accommodate a large CD library in any space with compact, high-capacity storage from Staples, Memorex, and Case Logic.

Prevent Data Loss
Loose CDs and DVDs are easy to misplace and vulnerable to damage from impact, scrapes, and fingerprints. Store disks in form-fitting cases or sleeves made from nonabrasive materials that prevent friction and wear, enabling smooth media playback for years to come. Choose hard cases with snap holders that secure disks in place despite accidental drops. 

Organize Your Media
Media cases and wallets are designed for neat stacking or cataloging, letting you manage an important disk collection in one place. Categorize and retrieve business media efficiently with individual jewel cases that can be labeled with names or bar codes. Save room in small spaces by organizing media in compact storage cabinets, towers, and boxes.  

Condense Your Collection
Take your CDs and DVDs on the go in space-saving media cases and wallets that are comfortable to carry. Choose products with roomy pockets or double-sided sleeves, letting you store CD booklets with your collection. Add refill pages to wallets and albums any time to instantly increase your storage capacity.

Attach Media to Business Materials
Stick CD pockets in report covers, folders, and binders to share media during business presentations, provide training material for staff, or market your services to clients. Adhesive holders stay firmly attached to different surfaces and won't fall out when you're on the move.
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