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Phone Stands

Phone stands are a convenient solution for desks cluttered with pens, papers, and memo pads. Stack files, notebooks, and message pads right where you need them in one compartment to hold both the phone and your accessories.

Multiple Compartments
Keep your pens and important documents organized with phone stands with multiple compartments. Phone stands feature undercarriages for phone books or memo pads and side rails for mail, scissors, pens and pads for easy accessibility at home or the office. Keep the office running smoothly with an organizational tool to keep accessories handy and phones within reach. Phone stands simplify the process of answering and using speakerphones, multiple-line office systems, and corded or cordless telephones.

Sleek Designs
Choose from rich wood tones and modern, black wire mesh to charcoal, silver and black phone stand designs. Match the office accessories to the phones to achieve a sleek and professional look on each and every desk. Compliment home decor with rich cherry or mahogany wood finishes for a more traditional appearance to store small or large cordless phones or multiple line phone systems.

Durable Construction
Place durable, sturdy phone stands within reach right on your desk or opt for a phone stand that is raised and can store office supplies and notepads underneath. Made with durable polystyrene and highly polished in wood and colored exteriors, phone stands feature smooth and rounded lines to fit securely and safely on tables or desks at home or the office. Choose between smaller constructions for lightweight phones or larger phone stands for multiple line office switchboards, all made with sturdy components to keep the workspace organized and the work flow productive.

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