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Edible Gifts

Surprise a friend or client with these desserts and edible gifts, which are packaged specifically to allow easy shipping. Whether you're sending holiday surprises or indulging your sweet tooth, you'll find the perfect treat. Choose from brands such as Mrs. Fields, Bake Me A Wish!, and Lindt.

Varied Foods
With a wide selection of desserts and edible gifts, you'll find something for every taste and preference. Choose a package of assorted cookies to ensure each person in the office can find the perfect flavor. If you're sending a gift to a health-conscious person, opt for a fruit basket. For an unexpected treat, send a special picnic basket or a birthday cake.

Decorative Packaging
These desserts and edible gifts come with decorative packaging, so you can ship them directly to clients. For birthdays and other celebrations, choose foods that come in a gift box finished with a festive bow. If you're shipping to an office, opt for a tin that can be closed tightly between uses. Many packaging options can be reused as cookie containers or storage boxes.

Convenient Supplies
Stock your break room or prepare for a special event with desserts and edible gifts that come in convenient multipacks. Order cases of ice cream for easy for an office party or opt for a large basket of muffins for a morning meeting. Complete your event with a supply of water and drinks.

Custom Messaging
Many of these desserts and edible gifts come with special messages that celebrate milestones and events. Show your appreciation for a client by sending a box of "Thank You" cookies or surprise a co-worker with a cake that reads "Happy Birthday."
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