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Stay on top of the ever-growing clutter that a thriving business generates by setting up a reliable filing system. The judicious use of folders, dividers, and descriptive tabs help you assemble what would be random paperwork into a smoothly functioning, well-organized office.

Manila Folders
Manila folders are the workhorse of a modern filing system. These plain folders are large enough to accommodate standard-sized paperwork without bending or folding. By stacking them together in a cabinet, you have an easy way of tracking monthly expenditures, expense reports, customer orders, or anything else your staff needs to keep close at hand in a drawer.

Intuitive Filing
By developing an intuitive system for file storage and retrieval, you are able to greatly increase the tempo of your business. Clearly labeled and color-coded files work to keep papers of one type, such as employee records, separate from those of another type such as accounts receivable. By using clear, legible labels, you ensure that even the newest member of the team can quickly find just the right document and have it ready to go when the need arises.

Organizational Aids
Putting your most important papers together in a simple system of filing cabinets aids the organizational structure of your office. A well-thought-out system allows you to keep management's necessary files at the supervisor's desk, while blank forms and other customer-oriented items can be stationed near the front desk for easy retrieval and rapid order processing. Transferring paperwork from one department to another is also quick and easy when it only takes seconds to find your files.


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