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Filler Paper

Filler paper allows you to keep plenty of pages in your binders for making notes and creating new documents or memos. The versatile paper comes in various designs and styles. Many pieces of filler paper feature reinforced areas to ensure lasting durability.

Quick Refills
Filler paper allows you to quickly swap out previous notes or add even more pages to your favorite notebooks. Many filler paper options feature prepunched holes for three-ring binders, allowing you to add or remove pages in moments as needed.

Easy Information Tracking
College-ruled paper allows you to easily track and organize written information. Take notes in classes or jot down important market research or advertising information quickly and effectively using ruled filler paper. For printed notes or blank pages that allow you greater freedom in how you choose to organize documents and notes, try high-quality copy and multipurpose paper.

Gridded Designs
Filler paper with graphing grids gives you the ability to track information using more than the written word. Easily plan designs or ideas or create charts to illustrate important business concepts for peers and coworkers with gridded paper. Graph-style paper is also excellent for artists and designers in many different industries.

Reinforced Options
Durable filler paper often features reinforced tabs surrounding each prepunched hole. These tabs prevent the pages from easily tearing out of binders, ensuring that the pages will last for quite some time. Other options include heavy paper weights and reinforced edges or sides that can help protect against dog ears and keep pages looking great for presentations, for handouts or for use in company manuals.
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