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Luxury Pens

Luxury pens let you create beautifully written masterpieces that look impressive. Whether they're used in the office to sign contracts or at home for making grocery lists, luxury pens create legible, neat copy that's easy to read. Staples offers the best fine writing pens manufactured by reputable brands including Monteverde, Conklin, Cross, Delta and Faber-Castell. From old-fashioned fountain pens to ballpoint pen or gel pens, Staples carries them all in its large assortment that lets everyone choose the type, style and brand to suit individual needs.

Style Options

When purchasing new luxury pens as a part of your office supplies order, Staples has countless designs, sizes and styles of luxury pens mean hundreds of options. The variety available ranges from refillable to retractable to calligraphy pens that are at home on an executive desk, a reception area or an art studio. For ease in writing, a wider barrel gives all-day comfort, while a cushioned barrel makes hours of writing gentler on the hands. Pen barrel colors include hues such as basic black, blue, brown, green, multicolor, pink and purple. The best fine writing pens are also equipped with various ink colors, ranging from orange to red and everything in between. In the professional setting, blue and black are the classic choices, but students, teachers and those who enjoy bright and bold colors can match the shade to the personality and the project.

Pen Point Types And Inks

Some of the best fine writing pens have specialized point types such as bold, extra fine, fine, medium and ultra-fine. When deciding on which pen point to purchase, consider what type of writing it will be used for. For example, when entering small figures onto graphing paper, opt for an ultra-fine point as this allows small, intricate markings that won't bleed into unintended areas. A wider point gives a smoother writing experience. Specialty tips, such as calligraphy pens, work for creative or craft projects. Consider the type of luxury pens you need because Staples carries hundreds of varieties, including ballpoint, fountain, gel, permanent ink, porous point/felt, rollerball, calligraphy pens and many that play double duty as a stylus.

Pen Gift Sets

Luxury pen gift sets make classic gifts for friends, clients and co-workers. Sets available include boxed items from manufacturers including Waterman and Cross, known for making some of the best fine writing pens. All sets include various types of pens, mechanical pencils, different sizes of calligraphy pens or other fine writing instruments in differing styles and ink/barrel colors. Most come with a presentation case to make them a suitable gift for a special occasion.

High Quality

All of the luxury pens at Staples have been crafted from high-quality materials. Each design is meant to give the user a positive writing experience. Every fine writing pen varies in price from budget-friendly to luxury items.
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