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Luxury Pens

Fine writing and drawing deserves a tool that lets the ink flow smoothly and uniformly on paper. A luxury pen also has stylish appeal and feels good in the user's hand. You'll also find many options to meet your fine writing needs at Staples from top brands such as Cross, Parker, Monteverde and Sheaffer.

Choose Luxury Pens for the Ink They Use
When choosing new luxury pens as a part of your office supplies order, keep in mind that nibs for fine writing use specific types of ink. Ink consists of pigments and dyes mixed with water or oil. Water-based inks can be in liquid or paste form. Liquid inks are smooth flowing and leave a sharp, densely inked line. Gel pens, also called gel inks, liquefy as the tip hits the writing surface. They also have a dense, smooth paper flow. Oil-based ink is also a paste, though thicker than water-based gels. Its application takes on a rougher appearance than water-based ink but is longer-lasting.

Fountain pens, in which a cartridge delivers ink so that it nestles between two ball tips, use liquid-based inks, as do synthetic-tip writing implements and rollerballs with tips that spin freely in a fixed nib base. Gel-ink writing implements, with a rollerball style tip, use paste water-based ink while fixed-position ballpoint tips use oil-based ink.

Fine Writing Implements Make Distinctive Gifts
When choosing a writing implement as a gift, those with a metallic plating of gold, silver, chrome or nickel are nice. Pens with metal finishes frequently have patterns etched in their surface, not only for design but also for grip. Plastic finishes come in various colors, mostly in subdued hues. Some models feature tasteful patterns or marbling inlaid in the plastic. There are also two-tone or bi-material options that combine metallic and plastic finishes. Fine writing accessories can be chosen to complement business attire or interior decor or they may simply reflect a person's taste.

How Should Pens for Fine Writing Feel in Your Hand?
Since ink, nib and barrel options are so vast, you might consider function over form. One consideration is simply how much writing you do with the implement. Fine writing implements come in narrow and wide barrels, shorter or longer lengths, rounded or tapered cylinders. If you do a lot of writing, base your choice on how comfortable a pen feels in your hand.

Can You Get Pen Ink in Any Color?
Blue and black ink pens are the standard colors for fine writing implements used in business or official signatory settings. An array of colors are available for other purposes like artwork, calligraphy or special events. Consider pink, red, green or purple for the functions and causes they symbolize. Use brown, gold, gray or silver for creative work. Some fine writing implements come in multi-color packs for artwork. White ink is also available for writing on dark paper.

What Are Calligraphy Pens?
Calligraphy calls for fine writing with stylized lettering with flourishes and serifs. Fountain pens are the calligrapher's choice. The writing implements include either italic nibs, which have a blunt tip for squaring letters, or flex tips, which have a rounded tip for sharper strokes.
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