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Fire Resistant File Cabinets and Storage

Fire Resistant File Cabinets - Protection When Things Heat Up.

A fire safe or fire resistant file cabinet can protect your important documents and other valuables by storing them in an environment designed to survive high temperatures and stress. FireKing and Sentry products are designed and tested to ensure they meet UL fire and drop test requirements. Our cabinets have the highest level of fire protection and security of any you will find.

Our top cabinet models are almost fireproof file cabinet grade, but as time renders any cabinet vulnerable to fire, we brand our fire protection cabinets "Fire Resistant." In fact, almost all fireproof file cabinets are actually fire resistant file cabinets. But verbiage aside, you can be confident that your valuables are safe when you store them in a Staples fire safe file cabinet.

  • More than just fire resistant- Fire resistant file cabinets provide protection against impacts so they protect your files from fire, falling objects, explosions and wall collapse. Although no retailer can truly offer fireproof file cabinets, our fire resistant file cabinet models are as close as it gets.

  • Drawers Galore- Choose from 2 and 4 drawer fire safe cabinets in vertical or lateral configurations in a variety of depths and widths, as well as fire safe storage cabinets.

  • Color variety- You have your option of fire resistant file cabinets in a multitude of colors, including black, white, putty, parchment, gray, and more.

No need to get confused over the distinction between a fireproof file cabinet, which is a misleading term, and the fire resistant or fire safe file cabinet, which is the only level of real protection that cabinets offer. You just need to know that Staples carries the very best. And to store even more files and supplies, browse our excellent selection of storage cabinets, or choose a more standard cabinet type, a lateral file cabinet.


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