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Liners & Pads

Protect clothing, bedding, and furniture with liners and pads designed to absorb bodily fluids. Pads and liners from Medline, Protection Plus, and DMI offer reliable performance and ease of use. Stock up on super-absorbent pads and accessories to make cleaning patient rooms more convenient.

Reliable Performance
Incontinence liners and pads use highly absorbent materials that lock in moisture and prevent unexpected leaks. Different levels of absorbency let you choose the right product for each particular patient, and durable waterproof backings ensure that moisture can't seep all the way through to affect clothing or bedding. Incontinence liners and underpants with leak-resistant cuffs and contoured designs keep liquid waste from escaping unexpectedly.

Patient Comfort
Using liners and pads to remove moisture from the skin surface helps prevent skin irritation or rashes. Slipping a used liner off the bed and placing a new one underneath a patient who is confined to bed is less hassle than complete bedding and linen changes, so nurses can work more efficiently and patients get more rest. Use odor eliminator sprays to rid the patient's room of unwanted aromas and help maintain a relaxing environment that promotes health and healing.

Convenient Use
Disposable liners and pads are easy to use and can be tossed into the trash after use, which makes it simple to maintain hygiene in a busy medical facility or nursing home. Buy pads and liners in bulk to ensure that you always have them available when needed. Reusable pads are economical, convenient, and simple to wash in any standard washing machine, so they make a great option for home use or smaller health care facilities.

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